Business X Union AG
BXU the new brand is a name and symbol of the company.
Strong brands are more than logos and brand promises. They are a whole system of colors, imagery and fonts. With this harmonious combination, they can create a unified and consistent brand identity. The consistent design concept enhances recognition and a unique brand identity.
The concept of Business X Union was founded after three years of preparation on 22/07/2011 in Panama as a corporation Inc. The Business X Union AG was formed in August 2014 by acquiring a traditional trust company in Bern. Established in 1974 and since then successfully in the Amthausgasse 3 in Bern. The purpose of the company is the provision of all services and mediation in the trust area and the execution of commercial and administrative mandates. Advice and support for individuals, companies and organizations in all aspects of corporate activity, especially in matters of marketing. Development and marketing with tools of all kinds, which may serve to advise and support companies and organizations (software, etc.). Management and real estate brokerage. The company may invest in other companies, merge with them and acquire real estates. It can also establish other branches worldwide.