BXU X ways to successful business. Since 1974
Traditional Swiss Business and Consulting Company in Berne.
Management and Services. We create your success.

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Relocation and Assistance

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Relocation and other assistance services

In the market, people are required who can think and act in processes, people with skills in management and in project team work. That's why we put in all areas application-oriented and professional updated personal and business coaching. With experienced and proven speakers who are working in organization and management and have great expertise, we provide you a perfect quality coaching.

Our special Interval Coaching (ICP concept = Intervall Coaching Program) is based on many years of experience in management and in private life.

- This concept brings you to your limits and beyond.
- We make you a winner type.
- We reformat your life and we motivate you brand new.
- We show you how to do it.
- We show you who you really are and how well you are.
- After a short time you will learn even your positive change.
- We will not give you any advice, because you will give them yourself.

In addition to the usual personality test, we analyze your life, we will prepare you an individual interval coaching program. We advise and support you also over a longer period of time. We coach you around-the-clock.

In addition, we offer what no one has ever offered before us, a private luxury mentoring assistance program (the LMAP program) and which is prepared individually with the customer.

The LMAP program includes an unforgettable luxury stay in Switzerland in combination of private coaching and a short-term internship. We offer our clients an insight into the Swiss life. A combined short-term stay in private banks, Swiss companies, watch manufacturers, five-star hotels, private schools and much more. In this project, we are supported by 12 expert partners from the fiduciary trust and from the major existing partnerships in industry, business, politics and show business.


Our assistance service

We should first analyze the word consulting and explain the meaning.

Consulting = Consultation, Counseling, Advising

Consulting has the meaning of a structured conversation or a corresponding communication form (letter, e-mail or similar) or a practical guide to solve a task or a problem or to approximate the solution. Most consulting is used in the meaning of "give someone advice in helping intention".

Our vocation is the service, therefore the consulting. And we provide it with enthusiasm and conviction. This makes us an unique and distinctive provider. So we constantly increase our brand awareness and our market value.

With our team of specialists we are to our clients as a good friend. Together we achieve the optimum performance and efficiency - without losing sight of the individual. The human being and his well-being are the primary concern for us. That is the only way to achieve sustainability in the company.

For one-time events, the highest quality of service is required. But during repetitive processes, the ratio of quality and efficiency must be optimized.
These are WE, the Business X Union AG.


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Official cooperation partner of Qingdao City

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BXU X ways to successful business. Since 1974. Traditional Swiss Business and Consulting Company in Berne. Management and Services. We create your success.
Our company Business X Union AG can be found on all social network and social media like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. Presentations have been uploaded to YouTube. Search our Business on the Internet on Google, MSN, Yahoo, GMX, and you will find us. Each chat with your tablet, Skype call, communication with your iPhone, iPad, and each email are worth. Take advantage of our concept. Be sure, and be our partner.
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Business X Union AG

BXU X ways to
  successful business.

  Since 1974
Traditional Swiss Business and
  Consulting Company in Berne.
Management and Services.
We create your success.

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