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Business X Union AG Swiss consulting company in Bern.
Since 1974 the innovative force in the development of new solutions.
+41 (0) 44 586 59 95 +41 (0) 76 532 33 20

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Business X Union AG provides you with a wealth of content on its website, such as product information, offers, partners, studies as well as company news are available.

The contents that can be accessed via are only made available to you as information and may not be reproduced in whole or in part, distributed to other people or published. They are aimed exclusively at customers who reside on all 5 continents of the world. The contents are therefore written in the 3 most important world languages: German, English, French. All citizens of the world are entitled to access. The content, in particular product information as well as elaborations / publications or assessments, are for informational purposes only. The contents do not represent an individual recommendation, an invitation to subscribe or an offer to buy or sell. They are only intended to facilitate the customer's independent decision and are not a substitute for advice. If you would like this, please contact one of our partners or competent employees. The only legally binding document are our cooperation agreements.

Business X Union AG provides its information, despite careful procurement and provision, only without guarantee for correctness, completeness, topicality or accuracy as well as availability the economic information, rates, prices, indices, general market data, evaluations, assessments and other accessible content made available for retrieval. This also applies to content made available by third parties. Assessments and evaluations reflect the opinion of the respective author at the time of preparation. These may be out of date due to current developments or have otherwise changed without the provided assessments, evaluations, elaborations and information being changed or will change. If the content has been made available by third parties or reflects the opinions of third parties, these do not have to be in accordance with the views of Business X Union AG , but can even contradict them. The facts presented in connection with product information are for illustration purposes only and do not permit any statements. Any conditions mentioned are to be understood as non-binding indications and are dependent on market events on the day of the transaction.

2014 Published by: Business X Union AG , with headquarters in Bern / Switzerland. This elaboration or parts of it may not be reproduced or passed on without the permission of Business X Union AG .

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Business X Union AG
Swiss consulting company in Bern.
Since 1974 the innovative force in the development of new solutions.

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Business X Union AG
Amthausgasse 3, CH-3011 Bern
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+41 (0) 76 5323320 (mobile)
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